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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your service cost?
Our service is free. You just pay for the actual shipping.

How do I place an order?
Please click HERE for explanation.

How can I pay?
MyAmericanshipper.com accepts all major credit cards.

How much can I order?
You may order as much as you like. If your order contains a lot of items we may have to ship in multiple boxes though we will always try to prepare one shipment for you.

How will you ship my groceries?
MyAmericanshipper.com uses UPS or The Post Office-you choose!

What about customs/duties/taxes?
You are responsible for any and all taxes and duties that may be levied in the destination country. Shipments refused by the recipient because of a refusal to accept and pay the legal import charges levied by local customs will be destroyed. We do not issue refunds for shipment fees for refused shipments.

Restricted Items
Make sure that the items you are ordering are legal to import into your country and do not require an import license. We are not responsible for shipments that are returned by customs officials due to restrictions and refunds for such returns will not be issued.

Can I order anything I want from the Vons site?
We cannot ship perishable items for you that need to be refrigerated. Apart from that, you can order anything you like, bakery items, although perishable, do not need to be refrigerated. So you can stock up on Twinkies and Ding Dongs! Keep in mind that heavy items such as soda's, laundry detergent etc. will add significantly to the shipment cost.

How long will it take to receive my groceries?
Usually 6-10 days after you placed the order with the store.

What currency do I pay in?
All transactions are in American Dollars. Your credit card statement however will show our charge in your local currency. The dollar amount in your invoice will be converted to your local currency on the day that you make your payment. You can request that day's exchange rate with your financial institution.

How much does the shipping cost?
We will not know how much the shipment will be until we have ordered, packaged and weighed your parcel. Please click HERE to go to the MyAmericanshipper rate sheet to estimate your shipment cost.

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