Step 1

Go to www.MyAmrericanShipper.com and create a FREE USA ADDRESS.

Step 2

Go shopping at Vons.com, fill up your grocery cart and checkout. When you checkout choose the first available delivery time and date. (do not select a weekend delivery)! You will buy the groceries with your own credit card and have them delivered to your American address.

Step 3

Your groceries arrive at your American address and will be shipped on to you right away.

Please do NOT order perishable items that need to be refrigerated.

Inform yourself before placing an order with Vons about the products you are buying. Certain products may require an import license or are prohibited to import into your country of residence. It is your responsibilty to comply with local laws and import regulations. We cannot assist with shipment of hazardous or perishable items that require refrigeration.