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Love this service. My family and I are deeply grateful.
Lindsay Sweetwater, USA expat in Sweden

Thank you for making Thanksgiving in London extra special this year.
Celia Robson, London

I just want to say thanks for the speedy delivery. It made my day, package arrived right before breakfast, in two days time as promised, and I enjoyed toast made with my lovely US sent hawaiian bread instead of the tasteless s**t you get in britain. again, many thanks. your company helps to make me less homesick, that means alot. what a great idea.
B Spiller, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for the fast and effecient way you shipped me my order. Didn't think I'd find my favorites this easily!
Christopher Jameson, Ireland

Received my order 4 days after placing it with your company. I will be back for more.
Mr. Sonnenberg - Koln, Germany

Wow!! I can't believe how cool this service is. Thank you to the team. Can't believe how fast I received my groceries.
Gilian Wise - Melbourne, Australia
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